General Introduction

Jack White BA has been a professional photographer for more than fifty years. White's specialty is photoanalysis. In these 9/11 photo studies, Jack White investigates the provenance of the images. He considers the trustworthiness of the pictures and examines in considerable detail the record of events.

So far, few researchers have questioned the authenticity of any official 9/11 photograph. White's studies scrutinize the available material.

Jack White's 911 Photo Studies were completed over a period of four years following 9 11 2001. The studies were undertaken with photos and information available at the time. In a few cases studies may contain information that has since been updated, but which does not invalidate the studies in any respect.

For example, early researchers identified two cars parked next to the Pentagon as a white Nissan and a green SUV. Subsequent researchers have pinned them down as a white MITSUBISHI and a green JEEP. This re-identification does not affect the photo studies in any material way, only the manufacturer of the cars. No attempt has been made to fix minor errors such as the above example.

If substantive errors are discovered however, any study will be corrected or withdrawn.

Jack White's 911 Photo Studies question the AUTHENTICITY of the photographs themselves. All studies are intended to raise the following questions:

1. Did the events depicted occur as shown?
2. Did the events occur when shown?
3. Were the events shown physically possible?
4. Are some events and objects shown mutually exclusive?
5. Were some of the events staged?
6. Did whistle-blowers insert "mistakes" on purpose?
7. Were many photos altered, manipulated or retouched?

The main aim of this collection of studies is to demonstrate that the true provenance of the imagery, like much 9/11 "evidence", cannot be relied upon at face value as it exists, and such photos should not be used as proof of anything until authentication.

If even one faked "official" image can be proven, all official photos become suspect. One may wish to ask several further questions:

a) Were the events of 9/11 staged as a New Pearl Harbor – a horrific propaganda event to justify the US conducting invasions and going to war?
b) Were photographs posed or fabricated as powerful propaganda tools?
c) Were persons in power responsible for the 9/11 atrocities?

If citizens of the United States and elsewhere cannot trust the official photographs and imagery of 9/11, why should anyone trust the official account?

Decide these answers for yourself after viewing White's studies along with the articles and video links.

Jack White's 911 Photo Studies is a work in progress. As White continues his studies, other analyses will be added, including further material on the alleged hijackings.